Monday, September 06, 2010

Who wants to know a great blog post tip that will make you money?

Blogging Secret #1

It's very simple - ignore all the bells and whistles.
The most successful bloggers are those that are the most personal online.

It's the person you know rather than the focus on the niche.
Their personal experience, like John Chow who had one of the most famous blogs about his self not blogging. Jerry Schoemaker or " Shoemoney" posts are about his own experiences.

Gary Vaynerchuk about wine
Perez Hilton - who is a celebrity now because of his blogging, but more because of his personality.
American Idol 15 mins of fame but it's their indivudual backgrounds that are more interesting.

People Do Business With People They Know, Like, And Trust - "Jeffrey Gitomer"

Gitomer is uniquely qualified to speak on the issue of trust, having earned a position of trust, both to his customers and his readers. Gitomer advises that trust is not the product of any secret formula.

"So it's really no surprise to you is it?" It's not something you can lay there and wait for it to happen to you. So lets get going people. Gaining, building, and maintaining a high level of trust involves thinking, and requires reading, a clear mind, a focus on becoming a world-class expert, studying, risking, failing, the right attitude, "An Up Person in a Down World". But you can do it and when you do do it, it will lead you to wealth beyond money.

Use your own story and explain who you are and why you are an athority in your niche. Just an ordinary person, enjoying success? Our enemies are the big Gurus. We have the human touch, we are more approachable and share our points of view. We can actually help others. Build confidence in your following by giving them more than they would expect. Build a relationship of trust.

Do it today, overcoming procrastination.

Kathie Maclean

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Sunday, August 08, 2010

New Niche

Wedding Blogging.

Two family members recently were married this summer. Great summer for weddings!
Being an avid blogger, I offered to set them up with Wedding Blogs of their own to help out with all the wedding organization. Not to mention all the picture sharing.

They turned out quite differently from each other.
I used for the simple one, and a Wordpress with a domain name and social media, Twitter and Facebook or the other.

I enjoyed it so much I decided to start a blogging business in the Wedding niche.
My Wedding Blog:

I have a facebook fan page you can visit if you are interested in this type of thing.

But what got me interested in this Blogger blog of mine here, was a site I saw that was linked from Facebook Groups. It's a great example of what you can do with a blog and the bride's Mom also is a blogger and so are members of her family!

So my facebook fan page:

The wedding engagement blog:

Enjoy the summer weddings!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

So many blogs -so little time.

Recently I found my log in for this blog, after having a melt down as I had screwed up my Roboform. You really dont know how much this can mess up a marketer until it happens to you! Anyway I have updated this blog now and will continue to add to it.
You can visit my many other websites and blogs by going to one site now.


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Most Common Social Networking Mistakes

The Wall Street Journal lists the 4 most common mistakes individuals and businesses make when trying to use sites like Twitter and Facebook.

August 21, 2008, 9:55 am
Social Networking: Common Mistakes Small Businesses Make
by Kelly Spors

Many businesses these days are venturing into the Wild West of social media, trying their hand at things like blogging and Twitter and creating profiles on social-networking sites. But along the way they’re making lots of mistakes.

These mistakes shouldn’t be taken lightly. How your business is perceived in the Web 2.0 world will affect your reputation and your ability to connect with customers, associates and potential customers. (Who wants to hire a company that can’t even manage an engaging, thought-provoking blog?), a small-business social-networking site, recently had some thoughts on how small businesses are botching their forays into the social-media world. Here’s a look at some of the most common mistakes from them and other social-media experts:

– Bare Profile: Signing up for a Facebook account is the easy part. Before you blast emails to 1,000 of your customers and friends, a business should spend some time thoughtfully building a profile with an attractive photo, background and contact information.

– Too Little Personality: Lighten up. The social-media world is about engaging customers on a more personal level. Your “About Me” shouldn’t just be dry facts about your business. Make sure you add some personal touches. Humor often helps.

– Too Much Hype: Using social media shouldn’t be about blatantly selling a business. It’s about making connections and creating credibility so that people will like you and trust you and eventually want to buy from you. Use it to interact and meet new people – don’t get overly promotional.

– Not Enough Fresh Content: Engaging others through social media needs to be an ongoing, frequent process. You can’t just build a profile and let it sit idle. Preferably you want to be refreshing your content regularly (daily, if possible) so people come back for more.

* thoughtful profile/attractive photo/ background & contact information on your sites?

* “About Me” that is not just be dry facts about your business. Add some personal touches. A little Humor goes a long way.

* way to build relationships, interact and meet new people – don’t be overly promotional.

* engaging people through your social media,on a ongoing, frequent process?

I hope that you are doing all this. I'm pretty sure that I am.
Check my wordpress blog for more on my site. Newly updated info on
Web 2.0 Info like Twitter and Face Book.

You can find out more about social networking

Saturday, November 03, 2007


Forums can be a great place to discover new ideas
and get your questions answered. However there is a
downside to them .... if your not careful they
can be terrible time wasters. Your time is money.

If you want a short list of great forums to keep you
organized where you can get answers to
your questions from people that know and more
importantly where misinformation is addressed
and removed.

Getting quality feedback can be invaluable for
growing your business. Getting it from people
that actually talk the walk even more so.

Now this has a cost but you can try it for seven
days and if you don't find information that will
grow your business cancel before you get

Getting an answer to your question from people
like Paul Myers, John Taylor, Liz Tomey and Mike
Paetzold to name just a few are really invaluable.
Saves you time and time is money right?

Here is the link:

I recommend "Forum Know How" if you really want expert advice on marketing. See you on the forum. I am on most boards -KathrynMac

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Join our New Ezine about working online

Sunday morning - just a quick note.

If you would like tons of info about working online you can go to my new site and sign up for our newsletter /Ezine.
I now have a form page you can opt in on at my new blog site...
Look for "Insiders Secrets"

Please feel free to leave any questions or comments here on the blog.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Whats a SQUEEZE page?

Well there is something BRAND NEW on the net this week that promotes your business by asking people to use a sign in form to get a free product as well as info about your product.

You might be even more interested if I tell you that its FREE!

You need a autoresponder and I use the best one I have seen, AWEBER. You connect the squeeze page to your auto responder using the form sign up box.

Promote it on traffic exchanges, safelists, your website. Plus if you sign up as a GOLD member you can use back end products such as OTO links that directly go to pay your Pay Pal for immediate sales.

So far I have 5 pages done and will be making more for every product I have. This is really great stuff.

Here is my link to Robert Puddy's Squeeze pages

I have much more information about this and other forms of marketing on my main website.

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